Clear Acne Fast With 5 Natural Ingredients

Clear Acne Fast With 5 Natural Ingredients

Shivani Ripple
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Are you tired of people telling you to wash your face more often to clear your acne? Is your drawer filled with medicines and topical treatments? Well, this one is for you!

There are numerous causes of acne, but the most common one includes a triad of bacterial invasion, clogged pores, and excessive sebum production. Ingredients that clear acne focus on these three factors!

If you suffer from acne, you should try these 5 natural ingredients that work great to help clear up and nourish your skin:


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  1. CBD

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a compound that is usually extracted from industrial hemp. It can significantly reduce the appearance of acne owing to the following properties:

  • It regulates the production of sebum

By controlling sebum production, CBD targets one of the three principal factors that lead to the formation of acne.

  • It reduces inflammation in your skin

Redness and swelling that accompany acne can be very hard to deal with. CBD could reduce the redness and swelling to give you smoother and softer skin.

  • CBD could reduce stress hormones in your body

Stress is linked to acne and by reducing stress, CBD could help your body combat acne.


How to Use CBD to Clear Acne: Get a CBD-infused moisturizer and apply it to your skin before going to bed. Use it regularly to see noticeable effects.
You can also apply CBD tinctures topically as a spot treatment.


CBD is a natural compound that is great for your skin and does not harm your skin in any way!




  1. Neem Seed Oil

Neem seed oil is infused with nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that enhance the health and appearance of your skin. Here are a few properties of neem seed oil that help fight acne:

  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

Neem seed oil prevents bacteria and fungi from colonizing your skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of neem seed oil reduce the appearance of acne by soothing the skin and nourishing it.

  • Reduces the appearance of scars

Scars often accompany acne breakouts, and they can often lower your confidence and self-esteem. Neem seed oil nourishes your skin and reduces the appearance of acne scars, giving you clear and smooth skin.


How to use Neem Seed Oil for Acne: Neem seed oil is commonly used as a spot treatment for acne. Just apply a drop of the oil over the breakout and leave it overnight.



  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil not only soothes your skin but also calms your mind simultaneously and is commonly used in aromatherapy.

Here are a few properties of lavender oil that help it fight acne:

  • It unclogs pores

Clogged pores form part of the triad of acne and by unclogging pores, lavender oil could significantly halt the formation of breakouts.

  • It heals your skin and reduces acne scars

Acne scars can be extremely hard and annoying to deal with. Lavender oil could help you by reducing the appearance of scars and enhancing the healing process of the skin.


How to Use Lavender Oil: Dilute the oil with witch hazel and apply it every night before going to sleep. You can use it as a spot treatment too.



  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a popular treatment for acne because it influences many factors involved in the formation of acne. Here are a few of the properties of tea tree oil that help clear acne:

  • It has an antibacterial effect

Tea tree oil can kill bacteria, which are part of the acne triad. It works as a potent antiseptic and sometimes, can even be better than topical antibiotics!

  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect

By reducing inflammation in your skin, tea tree oil reduces the appearance of acne. Redness and swelling are very commonly associated with acne, and tea tree oil tackles this by soothing the skin.

  • Reduces the production of oil in your skin

If you suffer from acne because of excessive sebum production, tea tree oil can help you a lot. It controls the production of oil by your glands, preventing the formation of acne. If you have dry skin, it is best to stay away from tea tree oil and use other alternatives listed here to clear acne!


How to use tea tree oil for acne: Tea tree oil needs to be diluted before it is used on the skin because it can irritate your skin when used in a concentrated form. Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil into 60 ml of witch hazel and apply it two times a day. You can also use tea tree spot treatments.





  1. Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins that help fight acne when used both, topically and orally. Here are a few of the effects of catechins that help fight acne:

  • Antioxidant

Green tea prevents the effects of free radical damage, which can further worsen existing acne. The antioxidant effect of catechins helps keep your skin looking youthful and young.

  • It is immensely hydrating

Drinking green tea is the best way to hydrate yourself after having a stressful day. Hydrated skin has a higher immunity and is less prone to acne and breakouts because it is healthier.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Catechins have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus reduce the redness associated with acne.


How to Use Green Tea for Acne: You can use green tea either orally or topically.
Stew some green tea in hot (not boiling) water and then drink the tea after filtering it. You should drink the tea every night before going to bed.

You can also apply green tea paste topically by crushing the leaves and adding it to your favorite toner.

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