Dope Skin Cleanser Our CBD Facial Wash

Dope Skin Cleanser Our CBD Facial Wash

Katie Brooks
2 minute read

When likened to other facial products that take a couple of days before showing results, our Dope Skin Cleanser instantly acts to soothe any troubled skin once applied. Its hydrating and cleansing properties benefit people with delicate skin as well as other serious facial concerns. Produced with THC-free hemp extract, this cleanser can eliminate acne and inflammation. The mixture fast-tracks the skin's natural renewal process by breaking down the bond of dead skin and lightly melting it. This, in turn, makes your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.




Skincare is not a privilege - it is a necessity! That is why we created our all-natural Dope Skin facial cleanser to fit even for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Amped up with organic honey, grapeseed oil, and aloe… Read More

It happens to so many of us, yet we feel embarrassed, ashamed, and stigmatized when it does. #acnesucks. If your breakouts are caused by your diet, hormones, makeup, or any other irritants, Kay's products can restore your skin to healthy levels using nature's finest healers and quality CBD oils🍃 💯 .

We get to the root of acne, literally, and heal your blemishes from the inside out by tapping into the cannabidiol already present in our bodies. Our formula enhances your natural defense against foreign substances like dirt and provides your face with a protective layer filled with CBD goodness. Your skin will be hydrated, refreshed, even-toned, moisturized, and healthy with the continual use of Kay's CBD Skincare products.

Let Kay CBD your skin today and control your blemish disasters the natural way

Dope Skin,

So what are you waiting for? Try the best CBD facial wash on the market and treat your skin to the clean it deserves.

Love DIY skincare? 

Sometimes your face needs a break from the makeup and different products you put on it. And what better way to rest your skin than to pamper it with a homemade face mask. No recipes, no worries, we got you covered. Get your copy of our E-book Homemade mask for every skin type when you sign up for our newsletter.

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