Obsidian Stone Beauty Tool Collection : Facial Roller Set

Obsidian Stone Beauty Tool Collection : Facial Roller Set

Samantha Jane
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To improve your skincare regimen, you should double-check all the active ingredients making up fancy beauty products and categorize them according to what your skin requires, or you can simply take a cue from people like you; beauty bloggers, friends, and even your aunt who is ready to spam you with beauty tricks any time you ask. We totally get it, keeping up with the beauty industry is almost as hard as keeping up with the Kardashian. There is always something new to try on, be it face masks made with snail secretions or a beauty tool meant to aid in reducing fine lines and puffiness. But do not worry, we have lined up some of our favorite obsidian stone products for your assistance.

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1.    Obsidian Roller

Conventional Chinese stone rolling devices consisting of jade, or other gemstones such as rose quartz and obsidian, have seen an immense surge in popularity on social media platforms. They have a rolling piece at the top with a handle and are believed to have energy-healing and protective properties for the skin, which include increasing blood circulation, promoting lymph drainage, and enabling other skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The practice of applying cold and pressure sensations over a particular area has worked in favor of skincare regimens for centuries, and this is exactly why many beauty enthusiasts store their obsidian rollers in refrigerators before application. All of this because pressure pushes lymph towards the lymph nodes to get rid of toxins and retained fluids out of the area where it has gotten stuck. Meanwhile, coldness from the obsidian stone can reduce inflammation by causing blood vessels to contract.

How to use

It is essential to follow your skin care regimen in the right order, or beauty products resting on your shelves would do everything they aren't supposed to do to your face. The same rules stand true to their grounds in case of jade rollers. There are certain things you must know when learning how to use a face roller. For example, you should roll your neck first to clear up the lymphatic drainage before moving onto your face. Second, make sure you do not press the jade roller against your skin too hard. An overly aggressive or frequent application can actually cause irritation and rupture facial capillaries. Last but not the least, always sanitize your beauty tools with isopropyl alcohol after every use to minimize the chances of skin infections. People should be wary about the potential for jade rollers to transmit bacteria too, and in that case, it would cause you more harm than good.

But how do we use this gorgeous-looking lad on our faces you ask? It is recommended to begin with clean and well-hydrated skin. Application of serum or facial oils would further help with the gliding motion of jade rollers. Start with the sweeping up and down motion around the neck area. Once you are done with the neck area, use back-and-forth and sweeping motion and a little more pressure during upwards motions to add definition to your facial contours. Some jade rollers have a small roller at the bottom of the handle too, use this small attachment to swipe below the under-eye areas horizontally, directed toward the temples to get rid of eye area puffiness.

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