Why use obsidian eye mask in your skincare routine

Why use obsidian eye mask in your skincare routine

Katie Brooks
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An obsidian eye mask is another product that has been hyper-visible all over the internet and that too, for the right reasons. Obsidian eye mask complements skin care as well as meditative regimens. This is because this gemstone is known for its magical abilities that help relieve eye fatigue, reduce under-eye bags, and inducing a serene state by drawing out negative energies that reside within. Whether hot-use or cold-use, you are sure to feel at peace.

Why Obsidian Gemstone?

Among the most potent relationships you could expect from your Obsidian stone is being able to enhance your root chakra. This is probably the most critical chakras we have as it is well-known for keeping us grounded in spite of what is happening on earth around us. When this major chakra is plugged, we actually feel untethered and suddenly shaky, exactly like trouble or negativity waits for you with every step. With Obsidian stone offering its unique healing energy instantly where it can be essential, it can be possible to think more positive thoughts and shield yourself from the negativity of other people.

obsidian eye mask

Cold-use: Putting the obsidian gemstone eye mask in the refrigerator prior to its use helps with diminishing pores and puffiness around your eye area.

Hot-use: Soaking your obsidian eye mask in warm water before placing it over your eyes detoxifies congestions and aids in case of migraine pains. Apart from this, its metaphysical properties uphold this tool as an essential meditative gadget.

Make sure it isn't too hot for your threshold.  




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