Dark spots that plague your skin can seem to appear out of nowhere. These marks rob you of your youthful looks and confidence making you feel less attractive. While some spots may fade away naturally on their own, some others need a little more help. Not all dark marks should be treated equally. How you accumulated your dark spots is an important factor to know to properly treat your skin. The medical term for these dark spots is called hyperpigmentation. This condition is primarily caused by too much melanin in your skin. These dark spots show up on your skin as blotchy discolored skin patches. Your whole body can be affected as different triggers can cause melanin to overproduce. Some of the major players of melanin triggers are:Skin trauma such as bug bites, burns, and cuts.

 1. Inflammation conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis
2. Sun exposure
3. Certain medicines like birth control pills
4. Fluctuations in hormones

While you cannot completely prevent dark spots from happening, especially if they are due to age or genetics, you can incorporate a skincare regime that can lighten the way they look. We have dedicated our whole skincare line to fighting these unsightly marks by healing your skin from within. If your discoloration is due to inflammation, hormones, and or sun exposure we got you covered. Our Complete CBD advanced system covers all the bases when it comes to clearing dark spots on your face. If you got acne that comes in painful large cysts that usually leaves scars once the bumps are gone, itchy dry patches on your face, puffiness, swelling, dark circles, loss of skin elasticity, and wrinkles, our 5-step system gives your skin the clean and fresh feeling it yearns.

our finest product

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our finest product

How to use ?

Start with a damp face.

Apply a few pumps of Dope Skin cleanser to your fingertips and gently rub in a circular motion on your face.

Feel the makeup, oil, and dirt from the day melt away with non-foaming action.

while exfoliating agents like white willow bark eat dead skin cells, giving you a deep gentle clean.

Continue the exfoliation with our Leaf Relief Toner which has the essential fatty acids to eliminate impurities from the body. 

Follow up with our No Puff Eye cream to specifically target dark circles, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles around the most delicate skin on your face.

Place the cream in the palm of your hand and activate the product by rubbing two fingers into the cream before application.

Apply by using a circular motion around your eyelids, underneath your eyes, and around your brows.

Rinse. Preparing your skin for deeper penetration of creams and moisturizers is paramount when it comes to clearing your dark spots.

Kay’s Haze & Glow serum not only plumps your skin with fatty acids and nutrients, but it also preps your skin most efficiently to receive the hydrating application of our Cosmic cream.

Pump a small amount of serum in palm of hands, rub hands together to activate the serum, then gently pat on your face.

The final step in our ultra-hydrating hyperpigmentation elimination routine is the cream.

Kay’s Cosmic Clarity cream contain vitamin C, aloe vera, Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Raspberry Fruit Extract, and Sunflower Seed Oil, along with 350MG of industrial hemp extract.

This formula, along with other ingredients, constrain the enzyme that controls melanin production, which helps in fading dark spots.

Apply by streaking your face with our lightly scented cream on your forehead, chin, and each cheek. Gently pat the product into your face and experience more supple and brighter skin, looking refreshed, well-rested, and fabulous.

When life hits you with pimple and wrinkle you can fight back with Kay's Complete.

CBD Skincare kit that comprises five (5) unique products from science and nature targeted to fight hyperpigmentation.

This killer bundle will be sure to help extract, restore and treat your face and skin to unveil a clearer complexion.


Our formula provides nutrient rich
ingredients to restore your skin to healthy levels.


 Maintain your glow with a skincare system
that rejuvenates your skin from the inside out.


Having a steady routine is best to see results.
Consistency is key when repairing your skin
from within. WE keep it simple with
easy-to-use products that will keep your
skin in top shape.

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